Sustainability is embedded in the vision and growth plan of Sherji

“Machines must be there, products must be there, ...but most importantly, people must be there” - Henning Holck-Larsen


Growth by empowering communities

Our businesses are driven by a focus on sustainable practices that contribute to the planet’s health, and a deep commitment to the communities we impact.

Equitable society by creating opportunities

we are committed to fulfilling our economic, environmental and social responsibilities while conducting business efficiently. We leverages its inherent strength and capabilities to implement sustainable Social Infrastructure.

Destitute care and rural development.

Our HR policies underlying objective is to provide individuals the platform to perform at peak potential, a safe and secure workplace and a stimulating environment to innovate and experience the pride of a job well-done.

Community engagement
Growth by empowering communities

Social infrastructure is indispensable for progress. We are committed to developing projects that will contribute to the quality of life.